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The Global Immersion Project cultivates everyday
peacemakers through immersion in global conflict.

Reintegrating peacemaking into our human vocation through
immersive learning labs, one-day intensives, and regional cohorts.



Learning Labs

Immerse with us into international and domestic conflicts.

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Cultivate Intensives

Find or host a one-day peacemaking intensive near you.

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Bring learning to your home or church and enroll in our eCourses.

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Invest in the cultivation of everyday peacemakers today.

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  • “For many Americans, immigration is about politics and policy and not so much about human beings. The Global Immersion Project exposes us to real people and, in doing so, gives us the opportunity to understand immigration as a human reality."
    Leith Anderson: President of the National Association of Evangelicals
  • "Immigration is a complex and controversial issue, but at its core it is about people: human beings, fully made in God's image, whom Scripture commands each Christ-follower to love as our neighbors. The Global Immersion Project's immigration-focused Learning Lab  provides an extraordinary opportunity to listen to and learn from a range of these people, each with different experiences and perspectives, who understand immigration more intimately than I likely ever will. If you're looking to genuinely understand a complex topic and be equipped to respond as a follower of Jesus, I whole-heartedly commend Global Immersion Project."
    Matthew Soerens: Field Director, Evangelical Immigration Table and Co-Author of Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate
  • "We live in a sound bite culture.  Clips of viewpoints seem to form our whole view of politics, people, and issues more so than truly seeking to understand the nuances of each.  Our news is filled with the fruit of an increasingly polarized world engaging in battles from increasingly entrenched positions.  The Global Immersion Project flips our culture of pre-formed opinions on it's head.  Or rather, they help us engage it right side up, aligning us with the heart of Jesus experienced in seeking peace in everyday situations.  TGIP has been invaluable in my continuing process of understanding the multifaceted immigration issue.  TGIP started with the person - the person of Jesus and the person affected by recent issues. Then through relationships that they have cultivated, TGIP helped us discern a map of the best way forward in order to truly love God and love our neighbors."
    Andrew Richards: Rock Harbor Missions Pastor
  • “Cultivate was a fantastic time for our entire team.  We left knowing how to contend for the work of peacemaking as Eastlake and in our own contexts.  Its no overstatement to say that this training is a game-changer.”
    Ryan Meeks, Founding Lead Pastor, Eastlake Community Church (Cultivate: Seattle 2014)
  • "TGIP learning labs are game changers. TGIP graciously guided me on an immigration immersion that inspired me to forevermore live by Mother Theresa’s words, 'if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other-that man, that woman, that child is my brother or my sister.'"
    Kate Martin (Immigrants' Journey 2014)
  • The Global Immersion Project is a catalytic, learning vehicle that cultivates the raw ingredients of belief into a robust menu of peacemaking.  As one who has experienced this journey, I see its value to both those beginning the journey of peace and for others who are retooling their current expressions.  You will be given an opportunity to see the world, your community, and yourself through a prism of peace that is unlike existing avenues.
    Ben McBride, Director of Cityteam Oakland & Founder of Empower Initiative (Israel/Palestine 2013)