Why TGIP is Partnering with The Wild Goose Festival

July 23, 2013

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There are many reasons we are thrilled to sponsor the Wild Goose Festival this year.  The relaxed context of a camping festival that is family friendly and in the middle of creation.  The incredible speakers, advocates, musicians and storytellers that will be part of the fun.  The vision for a spirituality that actually informs our social action as Kingdom players.

But more than anything, these are our friends. This is a tribe of people simply seeking to follow Jesus into the mundane and extraordinary realities of everyday life. And the festival itself takes such a posture.

Rather than a destination designed to offer all the answers, it is a place for collaboration, shared vision and continuing partnership.  For TGIP, it makes sense for us to partner with an event that shares these values.  We seek to create experiences that lead to transformation rather than offer a presentation of content that leads to transformation.  While being fueled by academic rigor and diligence, it is safe to say we share the value of being experiential rather than only informational.

All this being said, we look forward to spending a few days out in rural North Carolina for some good old fashion fun and hope to see you out there.  Feel free to come by our booth for exclusive content and to share a story or two.

If you sign up for the event using our promo code WILDGOOSE13, you’ll get an additional discount, so jump on in!

Cheers, jon and jer

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