Welcoming Our Newest TGIP Team Member

February 26, 2014

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We are a grassroots organization that has started from nothing more than a compelling vision, deep convictions and a dynamic experience, so bringing on new “staff” isn’t something that happens everyday around here. With that said, when it does happen, we celebrate what that means for the advance of our work and the global movement of peacemaking formation as a whole.

Without further ado, here is a word from our friend and newly hired Administrative Coordinator, Rebeca Elliott.

RebecaI am deeply honored to be joining the TGIP team.  I have a lot of respect for Jon and Jer and the work they are doing.  I was born to missionary kids in Guatemala during the height of their civil war, so the desire to cultivate peace runs in my blood and my personal history.  My hope is to see people better equipped to follow Jesus’ life and teachings in the way they relate to God, self, and neighbor.

I met Jon Huckins through the NieuCommunities apprenticeship, which I just completed this past year.  NieuCommunities is part of a network of mentoring and sending communities that seek to live out the good news of Jesus in their own neighborhoods—Golden Hill in San Diego in my case. We do this by living in intentional community and seeking discipleship and guidance together as we identify and grow into God’s calling on our lives. The apprenticeship helped reveal and confirm many of my skills and passions, including my love of administration in the service of work that I find purposeful and meaningful.  I started volunteering my services to TGIP a few months ago and have felt so committed to this work that I feel like this is something I can’t not do. I am beyond thrilled that Jon and Jer were able to secure the funds to hire me on as their Administrative Coordinator.

In addition to my work as Administrative Coordinator, I am blessed to be joining the current Israel/Palestine Learning Lab as a participant.  By the time you read this, I will have embarked on my very first trip to the Holy Land.  I am very excited to meet the peacemakers that I have been corresponding with for the past several weeks, as well as to walk where Jesus once walked.  Shameless plug: If you would like to contribute towards my trip, you can do so via this secure link by choosing my name from the drop-down box.  Any and all funds raised above and beyond the cost of my trip will go towards TGIP’s other projects, including our brand new Immigration Learning Lab coming up this fall.

I look forward to the day I have the opportunity to interact with you or your community as we build a movement of peacemakers committed to live in the ways of Jesus!

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