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May 20, 2013

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While our global village grows radically intertwined, it is simultaneously fragmenting. Rather than assigning dignity to one another, we often use others for personal gain and demonize those we consider to be “the other.” The result? Instead of collaborating toward a better, more just future, we collide in destructive, ever-increasing cyclical violence.

However…embedded within each domestic and global conflict are everyday peacemakers who subversively embody the Way of peace in ways that bring about lasting transformation.

The Global Immersion Project cultivates everyday peacemakers by giving our participants access to seemingly inaccessible global & domestic conflicts and to the everyday peacemakers embedded within. Our goal is to help reintegrate the work of reconciliation & peacemaking into the consciousness of the existing and emerging global generations. We want to see everyday peacemakers influencing the global and local realities from the unique soil of their neighborhoods, villages, & cities.

We invite leaders, global citizens, and emerging influencers to join one of our Learning Labs where you will enter into conflict as humble learners rather than well-intentioned heroes. Each Learning Lab is carefully guided by our team of international curators & peacemakers whose shared conviction is that peacemaking must move from theory to reality, from political to embodied, and from project-focused to everyday-living.

Our Distinctives

Intimate Learning Community: where limited size fuels exploratory learning.

Immersion into Global Conflict: where access to dynamic contexts shapes content.

Curated Learning Lab: where dialogue with peacemaking practitioners shifts our paradigms.

Reconciling Initiative: where the life and teachings of Jesus shape our work.

Learn more about Our Distinctives.

Our Learning Labs

We curate 3-Phase Learning Labs for twenty participants that culminate in 2-week immersion experiences into international & domestic conflicts.

The Understanding Phase is a 3-month guided study that will equip you to enter into the conflict more compassionately and into relationships more intelligently.

The Exposure Phase is a 2-week immersion experience into an international or domestic conflict and into the lives of those embedded within.

The Integration Phase begins upon our return to familiar soil and is where we become resourced to live fully integrated lives of peacemaking in our everyday.

Learn more about our Learning Labs.

Our Current Classroom

The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Israel & The Palestinian Territories host an ancient conflict that plays out in contemporary times. In this classroom, we find ourselves in the middle of both collective suffering and radical reconciliation among Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

Our Future Classrooms

TGIP seeks to immerse its participants into conflicts that span the globe. We are currently developing Learning Labs that will immerse into various international and domestic conflicts and locations.

Learn more about our Current & Future Classrooms.

Our Team

TGIP was founded and is curated by Jer Swigart and Jon Huckins. Both are social innovators who equip & release men and women from across the spectrum of industries for the work of peacemaking & reconciliation. The TGIP team also includes international and domestic peacemakers & experts who are embedded in areas of conflict.

Learn more about our Our Team.

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