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Global Immersion Webinars

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3/22/2017 – Women as Prophets & Peacemakers

3/2/2017 – Myth of a Christian Nation w/ Greg Boyd

2/8/2017 – Refugees and the Executive Order

1/19/2017 – Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy in a New Era

1/2/2017 – Israel, Palestine & the U.N.

12/18/2016 – Embodying Our Common Teaching: Muslim, Jewish and Christian Teaching

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10/14/2016 – The Death Penalty: Jesus, Ethics and the Soul of the Church

06/24/2016 – O.J.: Made in America. A Conversation on Racism, Privilege & Unjust Systems

06/20/2016 – The Refugees’ Plight & the Church’s Response

06/17/2016 – Orlando Massacre: A Lament & Response

12/04/2015 – Engaging the Black/White Divide

11/23/2015: Confronting the Refugee Myths

09/18/2015: The Migrant & Refugee Crisis Webinar

05/28/2015: The Human Side of Immigration