O.J.: Made in America. A Conversation on Racism, Privilege & Unjust Systems

June 14, 2016

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As racial tension surges, three media events have broken open a national conversation about race, power, and privilege.


  1. The History Channel took a contemporary, deeply emotional, and jarringly realistic perspective on the original Roots miniseries.
  2. The legend, Muhammed Ali, passed away exposing a legacy of activism and creative resistance that was more powerful than his boxing career.
  3. ESNP is currently premiering its first major documentary event.  O.J.: Made in America is a saga of race, wealth, media, violence, and the criminal justice system that uncovers “a collection of indelible, unshakeable, and haunting truths about US America and about ourselves.”

In this free Global Immersion one-hour webinar, we will host a conversation with national black and white faith leaders who are leading within the collision of racism, power, and privilege.  With O.J.: Made in America as our backdrop, we’ll discuss how this particular story exposed, again, the painful reality of racism in our country.  Then, we’ll learn about some necessary next steps we can and must take toward the restoration of broken relationships and unjust systems. Panelists include Rev. Ben McBride (activist and Founding Director of The Empower Initiative), Daniel Hill (River City Community Church), Nate Millheim (Oakland Leadership Center), and Dee Jackson-McIntosh (Black Clergy United for Change).

Register now, and join us for the live stream of this webinar on Friday, June 24 at 1:00pm PST. If you are not able to join the live stream, we will be sending a recording to those who are registered following the webinar. 

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