PEACE(making) on EARTH

A series of art inspired by and forged in the trenches of Everyday Peacemaking. 

Each week we will  be sharing a new Everyday Peacemaking inspired piece. Check back every Monday of December, as we add to the collection. 

All performances were donated to benefit the work of The Global Immersion Project. The best way to support our world changing work is to join the EMBERS: a community or recurring donors igniting the Everyday Peacemaking movement.

PEACE(making) on EARTH Gallery

Brad Davis + Hailey Mitsui

coming soon...


Scott Erickson

Scott Erickson

This Advent Season we’re launching a restorative campaign that’s oriented around art. It’s called PEACE(making) on EARTH.

Throughout Advent we’ll be releasing, songs, spoken word and visual art that have been inspired by peace and forged in the trenches of Everyday Peacemaking.

Join us as we use these tools for personal reflection, in our churches and among our families. But ultimately we hope you draw inspiration from the artifacts and that they pull you closer to a good God with a restorative wingspan.