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Our Peacemaking Framework

Peacemaking is the mission of God and the vocation of God’s people.  We seek to land peacemaking from lofty idealism to an embodied way of life marked by these four practices:

(1) SEE :: In the same way that God saw our humanity and dignity, His image within, and our plight, Everyday Peacemakers see the same in ourselves and others.

  • Learn to SEE the humanity, dignity, and image of God in, as well as the plight of, the “other.”
  • Understand your own contribution to conflict and how your contribution blurs your ability to SEE.
  • Develop perspective beyond your own personal understanding or experience.
  • Cultivate SEE practices that will enable you to pay attention to what is both beautiful and broken in your everyday contexts.

(2) IMMERSE :: In the same way that God humbly entered into the radical center of our conflict-riddled story in the Person of Jesus, Everyday Peacemakers step off the road of comfort and into reality seeking to understand rather than to be understood.

  • Learn to enter into the radical center of conflict armed with compassion and humility rather than with weapons that perpetuate the violence.
  • Prioritize “understanding” over “being understood.”
  • Release your allegiance to personal reputation & safety.
  • Grow in your capacity to hold diverse perspectives & experiences.
  • Develop IMMERSE practices that will enable you to enter into the stories, brokenness, pain, and sacred spaces of others.

(3) CONTEND :: In the same way that God engaged humanity and conflict through costly, creative initiatives, Everyday Peacemakers spend their lives getting creative in love.

  • Learn how to stand in the way of the “bulldozers” that flatten the marginalized.
  • Discover techniques to move beyond the status quo and cycles of violence to seek the flourishing of others.
  • Unearth the resourced power of collaborative peacemaking.
  • Develop CONTEND practices that will enable you to contribute to the flourishing of others in a healthy, sustainable way.

(4) RESTORE :: In the same way that God, through Christ, reconciled us to Himself, ourselves, one another, and creation, Everyday Peacemakers reintegrate former enemies, the hurting and the healing into a mutually beneficial, co-creating community.

  • Define restoration, identify it, incubate it, & celebrate it.
  • Learn to reintegrate the hurting and the healing back into community.
  • Cultivate an equal playing field to strategize mutually beneficial ways forward.
  • Develop RESTORE practices that result in transformed people and, through them, transformed societies.