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September 12, 2014

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In recent months media headlines have been filled with endless stories of violence, hatred and death in Israel/Palestine. The stories that often go untold are the ones of costly love, subversive friendship and courageous reconciliation. While untold, these stories are no less true and they are spreading like wildfire throughout the region.

Many of the peacemakers behind these redemptive stories have become our friends and the primary “instructors” of our Israel/Palestine Learning Lab that takes place far off the beaten path of tourism. TGIP’s philosophy for the cultivation of peacemakers is to enter the center of global conflict to learn from the peacemakers embedded within. In short, we give access to the seemingly inaccessible people and places in order to learn and apply the practices of peace that not only unfold in the Holy Land, but translate back into our homes, neighborhoods, cities, nation and world.

Our next Israel/Palestine Learning Lab is on the books and filling up fast, but we still have a few spots if you want to join!

The Learning Lab will officially begin on December 1st and we will be on the ground in Israel/Palestine January 26-February 1st.

Tuition: $2700*

Here is what is included:

  • Understanding Phase: 8 weeks of collaborative learning (online interactive classroom) that will give participants a foundation in (1.) Our TGIP peacemaking paradigm and (2.) The historical and modern realities of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • Exposure Phase: 7 days on the ground program in Israel/Palestine where we learn from Jewish, Christian and Muslim peacemakers in Israel and the West Bank and visit the most significant historical locations throughout the Holy Land. Price includes all lodging, transportation, entrance fees, tips & honorariums, most meals, and curators who comprehensively guide the Lab. *Flight is not included.)
  • Integration Phase: 10 months of coaching after the trip as you integrate your learnings into your local context as an Everyday Peacemaker.

For more info and to apply, CLICK HERE..


In the meantime, here’s a video to give you a taste of what to expect from our time in Israel/Palestine…

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