Immigrant’s Journey Learning Lab Launch

July 22, 2014

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After diligent work, careful study, and extensive relationship building, we are thrilled to announce the launch our first domestic Learning Lab, set in the context of the US/Mexico border and focused on the Immigrant’s Journey.

As the “immigration issue” continues to build in our country, TGIP is choosing to engage it in the context of genuine relationship rather than a political talking point. “They” are our friends and neighbors. “They” are humans beings who live with the same needs, desires and aspirations as the rest of us. “They” have kids, grandkids, parents, brothers and sisters. “They” are children of a God who reigns over a global kingdom; a kingdom inaugurated in a Jesus who spent his life crossing borders to tangibly love the outsider. In the context of relationship, “they” become “us.”

Obeying the greatest commandments to love God and neighbor leaves the faith community with no choice but to pursue this issue with radical love and moral obligation. This isn’t yet another political debate to be waged in such a way that widens the partisan divide. It is a human reality with human implications that the American Church must be waging peace within.

In this Learning Lab, we find ourselves in the middle of injustice, pain, collective suffering, celebration, hope, and reconciliation as we learn from & with US Americans and Mexicans who are actively pursuing peace. Whether meeting with Border Patrol agents or sitting with individuals moments after they have been deported in shelters in Tijuana, we will expose our participants to the seemingly inaccessible people and places within this reality.


Our goal is two-fold:

  1. Create an opportunity for the American Church to relationally encounter and understand the plight of the immigrant. Because our country is so impacted by the presence of immigrants (many undocumented), the Church must understand their story and be equipped to engage immigration as an instrument of peace and reflection of Jesus.
  2. Cultivate everyday peacemakers who take seriously their call to follow Jesus and participate in his mission of reconciliation in their homes, neighborhood, cities and world. Our friends working on the border are some of the most dynamic peacemakers in the world and they will be our primary instructors.


Ways to Participate:

Immigrants Journey Learning Lab: Apply individually or inquire about TGIP hosting a Learning Lab for up to 17 people from your church or organization.

Pastor/Leader Two-Day Immigrants Journey Immersion: In partnership with The Evangelical Immigration Table, we will periodically host these abbreviated vision trips as a way to expose Church Leaders to the realities of the Immigrant’s Journey and empower them to take the next steps with his/her community. Join our interest list here.

Give: The launch of this initiative has required and continues to require a significant amount of resources. Consider financially seeding this essential initiative that will have tangible implications not only for our churches, but for our neighbors far and wide.  Click here to give.

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