AMPLIFY: A Woman's Peacemaking Pilgrimage

The AMPLIFY Immersion Trip guides women deeper into their true identity as peacemakers. We will dismantle the theological walls that have kept women out of leadership in the mission of peacemaking, meet women who are rising up regardless of permission and learn how peacemaking is reshaping Israel/Palestine (and the world) through women.

Through comprehensive and interactive learning, we seek to activate women and amplify their voices as instruments of peace in our world.


The Amplify Immersion trip isn’t a typical “Holy Land” tour, it’s a formational journey that:

  • Equips and activates women into a growing, international movement of women peacemakers
  • Reinterprets and rescues the role of the feminine through historic and contemporary encounters with women in the “holy land”
  • Mobilizes participants into the peacemaking way of Jesus in their own context
  • Forms a support network for ongoing processing, learning, encouragement, and integration.

Upcoming Trips:

October 22 -29, 2018; arrival on 21st

COST: $2900 + flight