Israel/Palestine is a place of great meaning to people all over the world, especially followers of the Abrahamic faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In this “holy land,” peace has been fleeting and war has become a regular reality. It is a place of hope and expectation as well as hopelessness and sorrow. In this land of complex contradictions the ancient conflict between Abraham’s children can still be felt like a fresh wound.


Our Israel/Palestine Conflict Immersion trip isn’t a typical “Holy Land” tour, it’s a formational journey that:

  1. Immerses you into the middle of a foreign conflict
  2. Offers you access to the “holy land” as well as to the seemingly inaccessible Israeli Jews, Palestinian Christians and Palestinian Muslims who are actively pursuing peace separately and together
  3. Reshapes the way you understand your own faith and that of others
  4. Empowers you to build collaborative, interfaith relationships within your own context
  5. Trains you for a life of Everyday Peacemaking