Our one-day peacemaking workshop, designed to kick start the life and practice of an everyday peacemaker and their community.


Through an interactive fusion of content, discussion, experiments, and reflection, our workshops will help you:

  • discover a theology of peacemaking
  • understand the four practices of Everyday Peacemaking
  • realize the essential habits of interior formation for life-long peacemaking practice
  • develop an action plan for individual practice and church-wide learning
  • learn to catalyze a peacemaking movement within your organization, church, and context.


Each Peacemaking Workshop features local peacemakers who are waging peace within the most broken places and systems in their city and/or region.  We partner with cross-sector leaders, faith communities and non-profit organizations to tailor each workshop for your specific context.


Please contact us to inquire about hosting a Peacemaking Workshop in your faith community, organization or city.