Whether you’re new to peacemaking or you’re looking for a tool to share with your community/church/family, our eCourses are designed to make the practice of Everyday Peacemaking as accessible as possible.



In an increasingly divisive world, filled with polarizing rhetoric and fear, we have learned to “other” those who are not like “me.” When we fall into this trap, we distance ourselves from the very heart and call of Jesus to be Everyday Peacemakers.

There’s a better way, but where do we begin? It starts with building friendships with people who are different than us and learning from those who walk on the other side of the street politically, theologically, and socially. When we move toward the “other,” we reflect the very best of our faith.

In this eCourse, Global Immersion co-founders, Jon Huckins and Jer Swigart challenge limited perspectives of neighbor-love and offer a practical guide for developing uncommon friendships. Throughout this five-week course you will learn to develop collaborative relationships that lead to tangible restoration.

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  • Five weeks of content, each containing 3 practical tools that will equip you as an Everyday Peacemaker.
  • Lifetime access allows you to begin the course at any time, and move through the content at your own pace.
  • A curriculum packet designed to guide you through the experience complete with reflection questions, Everyday Peacemaking practices, and content appropriate for all levels.
  • INDIVIDUAL: Move through each session at your own pace, using the curriculum packet as a guide. Journal your response to the guiding questions and engage with the weekly practices.
  • SMALL GROUP: Secure access to the eCourse for each member of the small group and move through each session together. Our recommendation is that you utilize one gathering to go through the content together and a second gathering to discuss your experiences of the practice (10 weeks total).
  • CHURCH: As staff, team of ministry leaders or collection of core volunteers, move through the eCourse together and imagine how this could be a training module for your church.
  • Individual Access: Full course access and Curriculum Packet: $35
  • Group Package: 5 unique licenses for course access and Curriculum Packet: $100
  • Executive Package: Church-wide access to full course (20+ people) + 1 hour Coaching Call with one of our Global Immersion Co-Founders, Jon Huckins or Jer Swigart: $300