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Who are your guides?

Each Learning Lab is carefully facilitated by two hand-selected and trained Curators who are skilled in the areas of community development, spiritual formation, international travel, and conflict resolution. Internationally, Global Immersion has friendships and strategic partnerships with knowledgeable local experts and everyday peacemakers who will guide and contribute significantly to your experience. We also form business partnerships with local companies around the world to provide transportation, hotels, and other services.

Do you offer private Learning Communities for organizations?

Yes. Private Learning Communities can be arranged for all kinds of groups from couples, families and friends to clubs and organizations. Contact Us to inquire further about private options.

What is your maximum size or your Learning Community?

We intentionally keep our Leaning Communities small-usually 19 participants or fewer. Our minimum is typically 12, but this varies based on the unique circumstances.

What type of person enters your Learning Lab?

Our participants tend to be globally intrigued, upwardly mobile men & women who are prone toward advocacy, human rights, and justice, and who are searching for a better spiritual, political, sociological, and global framework. They love travel and are looking for a new experience in a part of the world they have been curious about or thought was inaccessible to them. Learning Communities usually have a good mix of men and women, ranging in age from 25 to 45. People join us from all over the country.

How will the Integration Phase equip me for everyday peacemaking?

The driving mission of The Global Immersion Project fails if you are not equipped and empowered to enter into the radical center of conflict in your everyday upon your return. In Integration we learn from and partner with people and organizations whose mission it is to resource you to immerse into conflict in a transformational way.

How dangerous is the Exposure Phase?

Immersing into global conflict is always unpredictable. Understanding this, we are very careful to assess who we are working with in our various global classrooms as well as the climate of the conflict as our immersion experience nears. Our commitment is to immerse deep enough to experience the reality of the conflict but do so with wisdom and consultation.

How rigorous is the Understanding Phase?

Everyday peacemaking begins in the posture of curiosity and requires that we listen longer than feels comfortable. Our method begins by inviting you into this posture through reading, documentary viewing, and lectures & discussions. It will require 3-5 hours a week of preparation in the months leading up to our two-week immersion experience.

Are you a religiously affiliated?

We see Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace who made peace a cosmic reality through His life, death, and resurrection. He is our Authority and our Source of Life, and His life and teachings set the content and pattern for everyday peacemaking. We are followers of Jesus who lead in His way and, in so doing, have garnered support from people and organizations on all sides of the social, religious, and political spectrum’s.

Are you a Tour organization or a Mission organization?

While we lead two-week immersion experiences and have a clear mission of cultivating everyday peacemakers, we are neither a tour nor a mission organization. Instead, we are a hybrid organization that fuses spiritual pilgrimage, global engagement, and humanitarian development with practical discipleship. Our Learning Lab is not “the mission”. Our mission of everyday peacemaking begins once the Learning Lab concludes.

How long have you been in business?

The Global Immersion Project has been underway and committed to cultivating everyday peacemakers since the fall of 2011. To that end, we’ve been experientially learning with and leading people off the beaten trails of tourism and into the lives of the everyday peacemakers embedded in the spaces of global conflict.