Engaging the Black/White Divide

November 23, 2015

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When: 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern, Friday, December 4, 2015

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From Ferguson to Minneapolis and beyond, two jarring realities have resurfaced: (1) racism is destructively real; and (2) the expanse between blacks and whites in America is wide.  Our cities, streets, schools, and churches are still divided by race and conveniently governed by unjust systems.  The headlines are still horrific…still confounding…still polarizing.  Our ability to see the humanity, dignity, and image of God in as well as plight of others is still lacking.

The black/white race divide is the defining issue of our time.  

Join us on Friday, December 4th at 10:00am PST as we host a webinar featuring four of our country’s leading black faith leaders and peacemaking activists.  In our time together, we will interact with questions like:

  1. What is the current state of the Black/White Race Divide in the U.S.?
  2. How do we effectively challenge internal and systemic racism?
  3. How do we change the conversation about the black/white race divide within our own churches and contexts?
  4. What are the tangible steps we must take to move from passive, disturbed observance to humble, costly engagement?

As we listen long to their voices, we will find ourselves changed by what we hear and equipped to follow them as they follow Jesus into the fray.


…if the headlines focused on the black/white race divide have shaken you…

…if you wonder how we’ve gotten here…

…if you’re aware of the racism that lies within…

…if you’re waking up to the systemic injustice of your context…

…if you feel burdened yet paralyzed, compelled yet unqualified…

…if you want to take a journey from sideline observer to everyday peacemaker…

…then this webinar is essential for you.


Action Steps:

  1. Learn more about the unjust systems that were discussed in the webinar with The New Jim Crow and/or The Cross and the Lynching Tree
  2. Build authentic relationships with and learn from and alongside black influencers in your context (history, theology, gospel, faith-based activism, non-violent direct action, etc.).
  3. Follow the cues of black leaders.  Begin with the four from this webinar.
  4. Invest in black peacemakers in 2016: http://globalimmerse.org/empower-initiative


Ben McBride, Executive Director of Oakland-based Empower Initiative

tgip_twitter_grey_30 tgip_twitter_grey_30 tgip_facebook_grey_30 www.benmcbride.com

Traci Blackmon, Ferguson Pastor and Non-violent Activist

tgip_twitter_grey_30 tgip_facebook_grey_30 www.christthekingucc.org

Dee Jackson-McIntosh, Minneapolis Pastor and Non-Violent Activist


Leroy Barber, Executive Director of Portland-based Voices Project

tgip_twitter_grey_30 tgip_facebook_grey_30 www.blackfridayvoices.com & www.thevoicesconference.com



Jer Swigart, Co-Founding Director, The Global Immersion Project

tgip_twitter_grey_30 tgip_twitter_grey_30 tgip_facebook_grey_30 www.jerswigart.com

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