Confronting the Refugee Myths

November 18, 2015

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When: 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern, Monday, November 23, 2015


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In the wake of the Paris tragedy, the conversation around the “Refugee Crisis” has once again ascended to the front of the headlines. The debate has shifted from one of where/how to allocate resources, to now being focused on growing concern of compromised national security. It has raised a series of questions among the USAmerican public:

“If we continue to allow Syrian refugees into the United States, why wouldn’t we be the next Paris? What if ISIS is taking advantage of our generosity and infiltrating our borders in the guise of a refugee? What if we only let in the Christian refugees and reject the Muslims or others seen as a potential threat?

Because there has been so much misinformation fueling fear and paralyzing just action, we are hosting a webinar with a panel of experts to offer the facts that confront the “Refugee Myths” alongside Preemptive Love Coalition, World Relief, and We Welcome Refugees. Please pass the word through your networks and encourage people to listen in so we are equipped with sound information that catalyzes just action in this critical moment.


Action Steps:

Watch Part 1: “The Migrant & Refugee Crisis: How must the Church Respond” HERE.

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