Current Learning Community to Israel/Palestine

February 26, 2014

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After two months of study, teaching and dialog around our TGIP framework for everyday peacemaking, and its intersection with the Israel/Palestine conflict, our current Learning Community is stepping into their next phase of learning. Moving from our Understanding Phase  we will embark on our Exposure Phase as we immerse into the Holy Land and learn from the peacemakers embedded within. It is certain to be a transformational journey that will spark renewed imagination and tangible practices of peace both in our neighborhoods and across our global village.

Not only will our real time experiences and reflections be available on our TGIP Website, but prolific blogger, Kurt Willems, will be documenting his experiences with TGIP in long form. Never has there been a better opportunity to walk with us in our learning, experiences and reflections.

To follow real time experiences and reflections from our participants go HERE.

To follow Kurt Willems’ blog reflections go HERE.

Please pray with us as we seek to not only form people for the work of peace, but be a presence of peace among our brothers and sisters (Jew, Christian and Muslim) in the Holy Land.

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