We activate North American Churches as instruments of peace in their neighborhoods, cities, and our world.

God waged peace in Jesus and then commissioned the Church to join the Spirit in making it real in the world. But does our church’s theology reveal a peacemaking God whose restorative work both includes and extends beyond personal salvation of the human soul? Is the embodiment of that theology in the streets of our cities and villages of our world causing restoration to spring to life? Our strategic partnerships guide your church through the theological renovation and practice-based formation needed in order to become an instrument of peace in your neighborhoods, city, and world.

Opportunities for Partnership:

  1. Invite us to teach or preach at your weekend gatherings.
  2. Host a one-day or weekend-long peacemaking retreat or workshop for your church and local partners and begin the Everyday Peacemaking journey.
  3. Join us for an Immersion Trip into Israel/Palestine or San Diego/Tijuana and find yourselves equipped to form and equip your church with the practices of Everyday Peacemaking.
  4. Establish a tailor-made 3-year Pathway Partnership with us and watch your church become an instrument of peace in your neighborhood and far beyond.


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