3/2/2017 WEBINAR: Myth of a Christian Nation w/ Greg Boyd

February 22, 2017


*if you can’t attend the live event, still register and we’ll email you the recording

For many, our political climate has created more confusion than clarity on what it means to be Christian in America. The rallying cry, “Make America Great Again!” has been baptized by prominent evangelical leaders as “Christian” resulting in a dangerous misunderstanding of a faith that is oriented around an enemy-loving, foreigner-embracing Jesus. In our upcoming webinar, featuring prominent pastor and theologian, Greg Boyd, we will debunk the myth of a Christian nation and offer practical insight on how we can and must shift in our allegiance from a flag to a cross-wearing God.


DATE: Thursday, March 2nd 2017
TIME: 11:00am PST/2:00pm EST



Greg Boyd – internationally recognized theologian, preacher, teacher, apologist and author.


Greg has authored or co-authored 20 books and numerous academic articles, including his best-selling and award-winning Letters From a Skeptic and his recent books Repenting of Religion and The Myth of a Christian Nation. His apologetic writings and public debates on the historical Jesus and the problem of evil have helped many skeptics embrace faith, and his writings and seminars on spiritual transformation have had a revolutionary, freeing impact on thousands of believers.

Greg passionately believes that faith and reason are not mutually exclusive, but that the mind and heart were made for congruity. He boldly defends a Christian faith that embraces science, rejects religion, transcends politics and nationalism, and that calls for a radical, socially engaged form of discipleship defined by the self-sacrificial love of the Cross.

Greg is the co-founder of Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota where he serves as Senior Pastor




Jer Swigart – Co-Founding Director of Global Immersion


Jer has been working in the field of peacemaking and conflict transformation since 2005 when he acted as the liaison between an international NGO, the faith community, the Pakistani military, and the United Nations in the aftermath of a massive earthquake in Northern Pakistan.  Informed by that unique multi-cultural experience, his career as a church planter and Lead Pastor and his deep engagement within national and international conflicts, he co-founded Global Immersion in an effort to train men and women into Everyday Peacemakers who are equipped and mobilized to reach across boundaries and seek human flourishing.

This webinar would be a good opportunity for you to invite your community into this critical conversation. We recommend hosting a viewing party to help catalyst the dialogue.

*if you can’t attend the live event, still register and we’ll email you the recording

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