12/18/2016 WEBINAR | Embodying Our Common Teaching: Muslim, Jewish, Christian Friendship

December 12, 2016


Over the past month, skin tones, nationalities, and perceived religious affiliations are the reasons being cited for the increase in hate crimes.  American Muslims are bracing for the worst. American Jews are wondering if history is repeating itself. American Christians are living in the mixture of confusion, relief, and paralysis.  Fear born out of misunderstanding, misinformation, and misperception is causing us to build walls rather than relationships.

Scaling those walls are courageous men, women, and students from all three traditions.  Each are choosing to embody our common teaching of neighbor-love.

Set in the story of the relationship between a Muslim, a Jew, and a Christian, this webinar is designed to highlight the journey we all can and must take from stranger to acquaintance, acquaintance to friend, and friend to ally. As we listen to the story, laden with fear, insecurity, missteps, grace, trust, and dependency, we will all find ourselves equipped with practical tools to take a similar journey.  As we do, the walls that have interrupted essential relationships will begin to crumble.

DATE: Sunday, December 18th 2016

TIME: 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST

• Tarek el Messidi – Founding Director of Celebrate Mercy @Elmessidi @CelebrateMercy
• David Jaffe – Founding Director of the Kirva Institute @DavidJaffe10
• Jer Swigart – Co-Founding Director of The Global Immersion Project @jerswigart @globalimmerse

This webinar would be a good opportunity for you to invite your community into this critical conversation. We recommend hosting a viewing party to help catalyst the dialogue. Email Hailey Mitsui-Davis (hailey@globalimmerse.org) for more information and resources.

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