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Amplify: A Women's Peacemaking Pilgrimage

In partnership with Lisa Jernigan of Central Christian Church, AZ, The Global Immersion Project has developed this long-term initiative and we invite you to join other voices of peacemakers around the globe as together we seek to bring transformative peacemaking.

Our strategic training equips women with a robust theology for peace and a tangible set of peacemaking practices that translate into your homes, neighborhoods, city, nation and world. Through comprehensive and interactive learning, we seek to activate women and amplify their voices as Instruments of Peace.

You will be shoulder to shoulder with women from all over the country who are ready for an adventure layered in complexity and conflict, one in which you will emerge as an Everyday Peacemaker. It is not for the faint of heart but it is for those seeking passion, purpose and their true identity. It doesn’t matter from where you come or how you enter into this transformative pathway of everyday peacemaking.

 Activate women as instruments of peace. Select “Amplify” from the drop down menu.


Are you tired of the headlines pointing to the conflict and violence around us? Do you desire to see the way of Jesus in the here and now? Then you understand why it is time to amplify the voices of peace, especially among women who seek to lead and live a legacy that has significance and purpose.

Amplify Peacemaking will strategically guide women into deeper narratives on topics such as Identity, Conflict Transformation, Racial and Cultural Reconciliation and living as Everyday Peacemakers.

Here’s what you can anticipate:

  1. A five-month Everyday Peacemaking Training that equips and activates women into long-term engagement as part of building a movement of women peacemakers.
  2. The first phase (5 weeks) of training is spent in interactive engagement in an online classroom designed to accommodate busy schedules and at the same time integrate TGIP’s peacemaking framework within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It can be done at your own pace and location.
  3. The training continues into the second phase, which is positioned as a “learning lab,” that is an 8-day immersive experience in Israel/Palestine. This is where women will engage with Middle Eastern peacemakers through encounters designed to:
    • Focus on the historical places of women in Scripture
    • Highlight local, modern-day women working for peace in the region
    • Coach participants into lives that reflect the peacemaking way of Jesus in their own context back home
  4. The journey isn’t over when the trip concludes. In many ways, this third phase is only the beginning! Women will be given opportunities to connect, debrief, process and find encouragement to begin living as Everyday Peacemakers incorporating the practices and experiences they have just learned and lived.
  5. Once women are unleashed into this narrative of living as Everyday Peacemakers, the world will not be the same! Think of all the possibilities that await.

The opportunity in front of us is to contribute to the formation of women more fully activated as peacemaking practitioner-trainers who will humbly, creatively, and collaboratively guide this national peacemaking movement. The cost for the Amplify Women’s Peacemaking Pilgrimage is $3200 + flights.

Cost includes:

  • Access to online learning course (5-week curriculum)
  • Personalized coaching for Everyday Peacemaking
  • TGIP Everyday Peacemaking Workbook
  • All on-ground expenses in Israel-Palestine with premium accommodations
  • Donations to sustain the work of local non-profit organizations/partners in Israel-Palestine

You are invited to be a part of something bigger than yourself that will locally and globally transform lives for peace. We need you and hundreds of others willing to support the work of amplifying the voices and messages of peacemaking. Would you consider being a partner in this strategic initiative to unleash and usher in a multitude of everyday women peacemakers.

Here’s How:

  1. Make a one-time financial contribution or commit to monthly contributions to support this project financially.
  2. Help us spread the word and, in so doing, join in a greater movement to mobilize women as Everyday Peacemakers.
    • Will you share this project with a friend and invite him/her to match your contribution?
    • Will you share this project with your pastor and connect him/her with us?
    • Will you share this project with your organization and pursue a year-end gift or grant?

Together we can transform and amplify peace in our world.

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