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The Immigrant's Journey

Learning Lab

The Immigrants’ Journey Learning Lab

There are 12 million undocumented immigrants in the US. Immigration isn’t an issue reserved to the halls of politics, it’s a daily reality in your city. How might the church be mobilized as an instrument of peace in this human reality? What does it look like to take seriously Jesus’ mandate to care for the foreigner among us? How might we approach immigration from a human perspective guided by a Jesus ethic?

The Immigrants’ Journey Learning Lab isn’t a one off “missions” trip, it’s a three month formational journey that:

1. Immerses you into the human story of immigration giving you access to the otherwise inaccessible people and places.

2. Trains you in the gritty, subversive and costly work of everyday peacemaking by exposing you to some of the best peacemakers in the world embedded in the borderlands of San Diego/Tijuana.

The time is now for the Jesus Community to live like the One they follow and seed a movement of peace that impacts our homes, neighborhoods, cities and world.

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Sample Itinerary

Day 0 :: Arrive (San Diego, CA)

Day 1 :: The Immigrant’s Journey: Migration & Deportation in Tijuana

Day 2 :: Learn from cross-sector Mexican & US Peacemakers

Day 3 :: Policy, Resources & Mobilizing the US Church

“For many Americans, immigration is about politics and policy and not so much about human beings. The Global Immersion Project exposes us to real people and, in doing so, gives us the opportunity to understand immigration as a human reality.”

Leith Anderson, President of the National Association of Evangelicals

Tuition: $850*

Here is what is included:

  • Understanding Phase: 5 weeks of collaborative learning (online interactive classroom) that will give participants a foundation in (1.) Our TGIP peacemaking framework and (2.) A history and theology of immigration.
  • Exposure Phase: 3 days on the ground program on the borderlands of San Diego and Tijuana where we learn from Mexican and USAmerican peacemakers who have given their lives to this issue. Price includes all lodging, transportation, entrance fees, tips & honorariums, most meals, and curators who comprehensively guide the Lab. *Transportation to/from San Diego at the start and end of the lab is not included.
  • Integration Phase: 10 months of coaching after the trip as you integrate your learnings into your local context as an Everyday Peacemaker.

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