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Our Team

  • Jer Swigart

    Co-Founding Director

    Jer has been working in the field of peacemaking and conflict transformation since 2005 when he acted as the liaison between an international NGO, the faith community, the Pakistani military, and the United Nations in the aftermath of a massive earthquake in Northern Pakistan.  Informed by that unique multi-cultural experience, his career as a church planter and Lead Pastor in the San Francisco Bay Area, and because of his deep engagement within national and international conflicts, he co-founded The Global Immersion Project in an effort to form men and women into Everyday Peacemakers who are equipped and mobilized to reach across boundaries and seek human flourishing.  He specializes in creating dynamic, collaborative spaces of integrative learning that move students beyond theory and into practice. Jer completed his undergrad work at The University of Northwestern-St. Paul and his M.Div. at Fuller Theological Seminary where he focused his studies on innovative leadership in peace and reconciliation and was the recipient of the prestigious David Allen Hubbard Award. He currently resides in Bend, OR with his family and writes HERE.

  • Jon Huckins

    Co-Founding Director

    Jon Huckins is a pastor and the Co-Founding Director of The Global Immersion Project. After much international travel and study in the Middle East, Jon focuses much of his writing and speaking on peacemaking, local/global engagement and activating the Church as an agent of reconcilation in the world. He writes for numerous publications including Red Letter Christians, Sojourners, and RELEVANT, is a contributing author to multiple books and has written two books of his own; his latest being Thin Places: Six Postures for Creating and Practicing Missional Community. Jon regularly speaks at churches, universities and conferences and has a master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in theology and ethics. He lives in San Diego with his wife, Jan, three daughters (Ruby, Rosie & Lucy) and one son (Hank) where they co-lead an intentional Christian community seeking to live as a reconciling presence in their neighborhood of Golden Hill. He writes at @jonhuckins

  • Hailey Mitsui-Davis

    Director of Communications & Development

    Hailey was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She credits her love of Birkenstocks, coffee, independent music and all things weird to her Northwestern upbringing.
    Hailey has been doing fundraising, communications and mobilization in the non-profit sector for seven years. She spent five of those years at Invisible Children working on raising awareness about the use of child soldiers by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central Africa and fundraising for the organization’s lifesaving programs. Some highlights from her career include leading a march of 10,000 people to surround the White House, working with students to activate their communities for change and learning a lot of choreographed dances (because you have to learn how to maintain joy in the midst of working with difficult issues).
  • Kitchie Ranillo

    Administrative Coordinator

    Kitchie was born and raised in Oakland, California, but is currently living in the great city of Chicago, IL. She is a California girl at heart but has fallen in love with the Chicago skyline and Midwest seasons.

    She moved to Chicago four years ago to study at North Park University where her heart of peacemaking was ignited. Now that she has graduated, she is overjoyed to bring her administrative talents and passions to the Global Immersion team! She would love to hear from you and is ready to answer any questions you have!

  • Melissa Wilcox

    Financial Coordinator

    Melissa is the Administrative Director for Thresholds and the Financial Coordinator for The Global Immersion Project. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and now uses that on her two little boys and adventuring husband. Melissa writes at her blog, Notes from the Messy Beautiful, and has contributed articles to Relevant and Incourage.  She grew up overseas in Hungary, and has lived in southern California ever since. Melissa has worked in administrative roles for about eight years, and loves systems and spreadsheets. When she isn’t working, she can be found walking around the neighborhood with her boys or studying personality tests. Melissa resides in San Diego with her family and an intentional community of people.

  • Learning Lab Project Coordinator

    Jordan recently moved to San Diego, having lived in both too many places and not enough. With a bit of vagabond identity, and having worked in many different intercultural settings, she’s developed a deep compassion for displaced peoples. Jordan was raised in the Evangelical church and studied Theology in undergrad, so she’s witnessed and participated in many different forms of mission and ministry; she’s thrilled now to meet eager souls in a fresh and hopeful expression of the church. She hopes (by working with people smarter than her!) to cultivate forms of being that are rooted in humility, listening, and understanding, and that follow in the way of Jesus.

  • Catherine Schrock

    Learning Lab Curator

    Catherine Schrock is an Applied Theater Practitioner, which brings together her roles as a humanitarian, educator, performer and writer. She has a Master’s in Educational Theater from New York University and a BA in Sociology and International Development. As a facilitator, she works independently and with local and international organizations, such as La Jolla Playhouse Theater, The Globe Theater, Performance of a Lifetime and The Global Immersion Project. Her work emphasizes performance-based teaching and learning methods in professional, educational and community contexts. She offers original creative programming custom-designed to meet the needs of the community she is servicing with topics such as community building, peace-building, communication, theater and storytelling, and conflict resolution.

    Catherine spent six years developing and directing Invisible Children’s Teacher Exchange program, which brought educators from northern Uganda and North America into a collaborative teaching relationship. She also started Arts for Life, a girl’s empowerment through arts program in Kibera, Kenya. As an artist she works independently and collaboratively to create original work for publication and performance around themes of reconciliation, connection and humanizing storytelling.

  • Shaun Sheahan

    Learning Lab Project Coordinator

    Shaun’s pastoral heart is drawn to the marginalized as well as developing leaders. He’s been in vocational ministry for over 30 years, where he served in the local church setting for 22 years pioneering several works in Mexico. He is now in San Diego, living in community, developing leaders and continuing in cross-cultural ministries on both sides of the Mexican/American border.  He is happily married to Maria, has several young-adult musical kids, and loves filling his home with young seekers.

  • Maria Sheahan

    Learning Lab Project Coordinator

    Maria was born and raised in Mexico. She has worked with the marginalized in several parts of Mexico, mentoring leaders, leading youth, and planting a church. She now lives in San Diego close to the Mexican/American border where she develops leaders on both sides and visits her family. She lives in a sweet community in a largely Hispanic neighborhood where she teaches English and loves on migrants. Maria also lends her bilingual skills to the medical world where she works part-time as an interpreter.

  • Bethany Anderson

    Learning Lab Curator

    Bethany has spent the last 11 years living and learning in a small immigrant neighborhood with a community of believers and nonprofit organization called Solidarity.  She currently serves as the Immigration Initiative Director for Solidarity, helping to mobilize and equip the Church to engage the issue of immigration from a Biblical perspective. She also is the founder of Camino Immigration Services, an initiative of Solidarity that provides quality legal counsel in immigration matters to the North Orange County community. Through her years living intentionally in her neighborhood, Bethany has become very passionate about the Church aligning with God’s heart for the immigrant because she knows from personal experience how engaging “the other” can transform you to be more like Jesus. She served as a Church Mobilizer for The Evangelical Immigration Table from 2013-2014 and remains engaged in legislative ministry and advocacy.

    Bethany grew up in Long Beach, CA then moved to Fullerton where she attended Hope International University. She has a Bachelors of Art in Inter-Cultural Studies and is accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals to practice Immigration law.  Bethany loves to travel, the beach, In n Out, and spending time with her community and family. She lives in the Gem District of Fullerton, Ca with her husband Matt, daughter Alivia, and two precious foster babies.

  • Todd Rubie

    Learning Lab Curator

    Todd is a leadership and community development coach with Beta Communities; a neighborhood based missional community in San Diego. Along with his role as Curator for The Global Immersion Project, he is the founder of a cold brew coffee company called Laughing Mystic. Todd grew up in the Pacific Northwest but relocated to Southern California with is wife in 2011 and describes himself as “forever ruined by the sun.” When he isn’t working you will most likely find him exploring the great out doors, traveling with his wife or teaching his one-year-old daughter to play the drums.

  • Christine Nolf

    Learning Lab Curator

    Christine Nolf has spent the last 18 years bringing churches and neighbors together to positively transform their communities. She is the Co-founder of Mika Community Development Corporation who spearheaded the formation of leadership groups in five neighborhoods and serves on the founding lead team of TRELLIS, a city-wide church network. Nationally, she trains with the Communities First Association and served as the chair of the Christian Community Development Association’s Leadership Development Committee. Christine loves coaching and training others to develop local leaders who resolve great challenges in partnership with the economically disadvantaged. She completed her undergraduate work at Azusa Pacific University and has a Masters of Theological Studies from Vanguard University of Southern California.

    Christine and her husband, Moses, live, bike, and serve in Westside Costa Mesa, California where they are active at Redemption Church.

  • Morgan Schmidt

    Learning Lab Curator

    Morgan is the Director of Teens & 20-Somethings at First Presbyterian Church in Bend, Oregon and serves as the Co-Director of the Bend Youth Collective: a progressive, ecumenical, collaborative youth ministry that encourages teens to follow in the peacemaking way of Jesus. She is passionate about cultivating teenagers’ desires to be more whole people who help make earth more like heaven. Morgan received her MDiv from the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, but doesn’t remember any Greek. She is also the author of Woo: Awakening Students’ Desire to Follow in the Way of Jesus, and a contributing author to various blogs including the Princeton Institute for Youth Ministry and 30 Hour Famine. She loves working and playing in Bend with her husband, Ian, and golden retriever, Buddy.