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Our Learning Labs

Our Learning Labs immerse you into international & domestic conflicts and into the lives of the everyday peacemakers embedded within.

Join us in a world-class, immersive learning experience in which you will (1) develop a robust, practical theology of peace and reconciliation; (2) form a comprehensive understanding of a particular conflict; (3) develop collaborative relationships with international and domestic peacemakers; and (4) be formed into an everyday peacemaking practitioner.  Each Learning Lab is carefully guided by our team of international curators & peacemakers whose shared conviction is that peacemaking must move from theory to reality, from political to embodied, and from project-focused to everyday-living.

Our 3-Phase Method

TGIP_IntroTitle-PH1Through diverse reading and viewing, comprehensive lectures and dialogue, and access to national and international peacemakers we explore the historical development of a particular conflict, diverse theological frameworks, international politics, social & economic implications, and the peacemaking practices of Jesus. Understanding will equip you to enter into relationships more compassionately and into conflict more intelligently.

TGIP_IntroTitle-PH2There is no better classroom for peacemaking than conflict. There are no better instructors of peacemaking then those who are tangibly working for peace in creative, redemptive, & restorative ways. This is why TGIP curates carefully guided immersion experiences into international and domestic conflicts & into the lives of those embedded within. In Exposure, you will experience, first-hand, the tension and trauma of the conflict, the contributions of slanted theologies and rigid nationalism to the conflict, and the tangible impact that the peacemaking Way of Jesus has on the conflict.

TGIP_IntroTitle-PH3The way we live, love, & lead from US American soil ripples positively or negatively into our Global Village. In Integration we seek to move beyond a mere cognitive understanding of peacemaking to living fully integrated lives of peacemaking in the Way of Jesus. Through Understanding, Exposure & Integration, you will become equipped with resources for everyday local & global peacemaking from within the context of familiar soil.

Our Current Classrooms