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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict



Israel/Palestine is a place of great interest where history unfolded and where, today, it continues to unfold. It is a place of hope and expectation as well as of injustice and pain for Jews, Christians, and Muslims worldwide. It is the place where an ancient conflict plays out in contemporary times: the conflict between Abraham’s children. In this Learning Lab, we find ourselves in the middle of injustice, pain, collective suffering, celebration, hope, and reconciliation as we learn from & with Jews and Palestinian Christians & Muslims who are actively pursuing peace.

Sample Itinerary

Day 0 :: Arrive (Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv)
Day 1 :: Orient to Jerusalem & the Conflict
Day 2 :: Israel’s Journey, Yad Vashem & Peacemaking Settlers
Day 3 :: Palestine’s Story, Al Nokba, Refugees, & non-violent resistance
Day 4 :: Hebron: Where stories collide (Monotheistic Peacemakers)
Day 5 :: Christian Peacemakers
Day 6 :: Galilee: The Peacemaker’s neighborhood
Day 7 :: Debrief & Integration in Tel Aviv
Day 8 :: Depart (Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv)

Tuition: $2,900*

Here is what is included:

  • Understanding Phase: 5 weeks of collaborative learning (online interactive classroom) that will give participants a foundation in (1.) Our TGIP peacemaking framework and (2.) The historical and modern realities of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • Exposure Phase: 7 days on the ground program in Israel/Palestine where we learn from Jewish, Christian and Muslim peacemakers in Israel and the West Bank and visit the most significant historical locations throughout the Holy Land. Price includes all lodging, transportation, entrance fees, tips & honorariums, most meals, and curators who comprehensively guide the Lab. *Flight is not included.
  • Integration Phase: 10 months of coaching after the trip as you integrate your learnings into your local context as an Everyday Peacemaker.

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