A Prayer for the Church in 2015

January 2, 2015

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I taught on “passion” at a conference on New Year’s Eve (strange, eh?!) and have been wrestling w/it’s implications for the Jesus Community in 2015. In Jesus, we see that passion looks like a cross. As such, passion for the Jesus Community looks like lives shaped by the cross for the flourishing of others. Passion is not a one-off experience of euphoric enthusiasm, it is the fuel that sustains our life-long sacrifice and commitment…day after day after day after day.

In short, Passion looks less like raising hands in praise and more like bending a knee to wash each others feet.

Imagine a world where the Church spent less energy defending ideas and more energy inviting into a way of life.

Imagine a world where the Church spent less energy trying to “win” and more energy trying to give itself away.

Imagine a world where the Church gave its best energy to healing the wounds of the world, rather than creating more (whether intentionally or un-intentionally).

Imagine a world where the Church spent less energy seeking revenge on its “enemies” and more energy seeking to love them and pursue reconciliation.

Imagine a world where the Church, like Jesus, chose to daily bear a cross of suffering and self-sacrifice so that others may flourish.

The good news? The Church isn’t an idea; it’s you and me. Let’s start washing some feet.

May it be so for the Church in 2015.

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